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Health Issues of Obesity

Taking an objectiveObesity (2) look at your weight gets harder every day in America, and its something people are getting less willing to do as well. People convince themselves that their weight is average because everyone around them looks the same, or that their weight isn’t a health problem because of the constantly falling standards for public health and appearance.

Talking straight, obesity is unattractive, unhealthy, and raises your risk of some seriously ailing health problems that could change your life forever, or end it for that matter. We’ve listed some of the more common health problems that the obese get diagnosed with every day. Each of them are completely preventable through weight loss.

Of people with type two diabetes, about 80% are overweight. Doctors aren’t 100% agreed upon why overweight people are more likely to have this disorder, but are agreed that lowering your weight reduces your chances of developing it. Even for the already diagnosed diabetic, engaging in a healthy lifestyle now could mean completely eliminating your treatment necessities tomorrow.

Some Serious Problems

The struggle is real, take action now to reduce fat acceptance and take back your nation’s health. There are of course other health problems that come along with obesity, but that gives you an idea.

Strokes, heart attacks,ObesityDiseaseRisk_m_0628 and agina are all heart diseases umbrellaed into the heart disease term. Nearly all overweight diagnoses leads to some form of serious heart disease at the end of the day. Both high blood pressure and diabetes lead to some form of heart disease, whether your stroking out or suffering from abnormal heart beat.

This is the leading cause of death in America, and its a direct result of our country’s weight problem. Reducing your weight is a direct method to ridding your life of the threat of heart disease. In some cases reducing body weight by 5% can have a big impact. Lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss is directly correlated with improving heart health.

High blood pressure will place additional stress on the heart with every pump, not to mention the wear on the kidneys. When someone has high blood pressure their body is doing exactly as described: the blood is pushing harder than it should be on the walls of arteries and veins. Every pump the heart performs is sending blood to every artery in the body.

Obesity doesn’t necessitate a diagnoses of high blood pressure, but it certainly ramps up your likelihood of having or developing blood pressure issues. The kidneys feel the stress of additional fat cells in the body, and in turn produce more blood to carry oxygen to those cells. Without weight loss a patient will need constant medicating, however even just a little weight reduction can reduce the amount of treatment required.

Diabetes, the Silent Killer

Type 2 diabetes is a blood sugar disorder in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high, causing major stress to the body’s organs. Back in ’09 type 2 diabetes was a major cause of death in USA, and yes heredity may affect your chances for diabetes, but reducing your weight has a stronger chance of preventing it.

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