My Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery in Portland OR

My Rhinoplasty Surgery plastic surgeryexperience began with the hunt to find a decent doctor to perform the operation. Well, this was after I was committed and determined to have it done, which took a good bit of psychological wrestling and would be another blog post in it of itself.

Its a funny thing when searching online for a surgeon, in a perfect world the most talented and well qualified plastic surgery practitioners would be with easiest to find, but such is not the case. Marketing and self promotion play a huge role in a surgeons market visibility and probably some of the best local surgeons only get found through patient referrals, which is a real shame.

Finding a doctor, it turns out, can be a real pain. Luckily about halfway through my patience I stumbled upon an awesome website that referred me to the best local plastic surgeon clinic and surgeon for my specific procedure. I had already blown through five consultations (and $559 in consultation fees) before finding this service and just didn’t feel comfortable with any of the surgeons or their portfolios.

The Winning Plastic Surgery Consultation

When I met with the doctor the website had referred me to I knew almost instantly that he was the one to perform my surgery. He had an air of experience and confidence that immediately squashed my stress and anxiety surrounding the procedure. Honestly I think a lot of my stress came from hunting around for weeks looking for the right doctor!

The consultation was a relieving and educational experience. We started off with my goals for cosmetic surgery, then conversed into the procedure itself. We outlined how exactly the surgery would go in detail. I felt a bit squeamish about surgery before but for some reason learning how it would all go down helped me relax a little more. We talked about the risks involved in the surgery, which medicines would be used, the timing of the procedure, and even what instruments would come into play. All this in about thirty minutes!



If you can’t tell, I skipped the surgery part of the story which should be the climax. Therre was nothing to it! I don’t know why I was ever so nervous for but the day of surgery was a slice of pie in comparison to finding the surgeon. You just walk in, change into surgical robes, get your face prepped with some crazy tropical smelling ointments, then get wheeled into the operation room where the surgeon greets you and proceeds to knock you out with a wondrous chemical cocktail.

My recovery was smooth and almost enjoyable compared to my cramped work schedule. I did well informing just about everyone that I was going into surgery, so no one really bothered me except to bring my ice cream and soup. During the first few hours after waking up I was in moderate pain, but it was taken care of with some painkillers promptly enough. Later that day I got to watch the two hour procedure in wonderful HD, which was surreal. I recommend anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery find an experienced doctor and not hop on board with the first one they meet.

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